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16th Aug 2023

Unveiling the Roots of Content Marketing: Tim Priebe's Pioneering Insights

In this episode, Chris Moroz sits down with Tim Priebe, owner of T&S Online Marketing, a full-service digital marketing firm based in Oklahoma City. Tim shares his journey from being a computer science major to starting his e-commerce website and eventually transitioning into the marketing industry. He talks about his early experiences with content marketing before it even had a name and how he developed a deep technical knowledge of web development and SEO.

Tim opens up about the financial struggles his company faced before a turning point came when he landed a significant social media management contract. He further discusses two major inflection points that transformed his business: switching to a recurring revenue model and launching an online magazine during the pandemic.

Are you a tech guy looking to find your way to the top? Join the conversation as Tim explores the significance of technology.

Key Highlights

[00:37] Tim's background

[06:38] The evolution of digital marketing

[07:50] How the SEO educational event helped Tim realize their expertise in the field

[11:14] How Tim transitioned from hand-coding to using a page builder

[14:47] The biggest turning points along the way

[20:17] Emphasizing openness to opportunities and flexibility in business approach

[22:51] Why and how the Edmond Business came about

[29:13] Tim's approach to starting the online magazine "Edmond Business.”

[30:57] Tim’s success stories with his clients

[36:06] The difference between a prospecting list and a marketing list

Notable Quotes

● When you run 18 months in the red, you don't realize you're in the black for a few months after that because you're still trying to catch up.

● When you're trying to do something new, right? And you have a ton of people rallying behind you, that's a good help.

● Having clients that you can test with are critical, and so I love the fact you were able to identify a few of those. If that's not something you're doing in your business, I encourage you to do so.

● In general, marketing is one too many conversations. So it means one organization or person or whatever getting a message out there to as many people as possible. Whereas sales is a one-on-one conversation.


To discover the world of digital marketing at T&S, visit their website at www.tandsgo.com.

Don't forget to sign up for the T&S newsletter and connect with them on social media for the latest updates and strategies.

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